Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pinoy M2M Indie Film - Masahista (The Masseur)

The multi-awarded movie about the life of Iliac (Coco Martin), who works as a masseur. He has a dying father, a mother and two siblings who depends on him. At the start of the movie, his father is hospitalised, and dies at the hospital. Much of his story is revealed when he relates some of his background to his client.  This movie is not heavy on the sexual scenes or not focused on sex. It's a serious drama about the life of a masseur in the Philippines. Though he has a girlfriend, he is in constant contact with male clients, always trying to up-sell on 'extra services'. But this is the background as the father of the masseur passes away, and the economic and family linkages become clearer. These events then set off a rather challenging journey for the protagonist -- work, family, girlfriend, and the one/main client who seems to return for more.

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